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Track a phone number- Resources:
Track a phone number here. Example: 555 555 5555 and hit the button! Preliminary Tracking of phone numbers are completely FREE!  We have gathered here all the resources you need to track a phone number. You can track phone number using our resources even though the number may be an unlisted land line number or a cell phone number.
Track a Phone Number- Location of a Phone Device
Tracking phone number for the location of the phone device, need Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. This type of tracking is needed only in special cases. For instance, to extend an emergency help in response of a distress call. Law enforcing agencies also frequently use this technology to pin point their suspects. If you are looking forward to tracking phone number to pin point exact location of the phone device associated with that phone number, please click this link.
Track A Phone Number- Phone Number Owner Identification:
Resources of this site are all about tracking identity behind a phone number. People need to know the identity of the owner of a particular phone number for various reasons. We covered all the reasons and all the scenarios when people track a phone number. If you need to know about tracing a phone number in depth, please go through this article, but if you want to take a quick look into  the matter, you can use this: FAQ On Reverse Phone Lookup, you will get a general picture of  tracking a phone number. However, there are subject breakdowns, diversification and elaboration that might interest and help you. Please visit site map to access detailed resources. You can also track a person by name, can track an email address by name or can track a person by email along with to track a phone number using resources of our site.
Effective Ways And Means To Track A Phone Number:
Most telephone systems today, whether mobile or land-based, have a caller ID feature that is effective in tracking a phone number that was used to call you. But the information is only limited to giving you the number that was used, it doesn't tell you who owns that number. Nobody is safe from prank or unwanted calls, as long as you have a phone, it can happen to you. With mobile phones, not only do you get calls from unidentified numbers but you can also receive unwanted text messages or SMS.
So if you value your privacy and your safety, or simply want to identify who made that prank or mystery call, or sent that intriguing SMS or whom that missed call came from, there are various ways you can employ in tracking a phone number, though each comes with its own pros and cons.
With the prevalence of social networking and other web sites, sometimes tracking a phone number is as simple as searching for it using a search engine such as Google. A lot of people and companies list their numbers online and it may just show up in the search results. The downside of course is that this totally relies on information voluntarily posted online by the phone numbers' owners - if they didn't post it, it won't show up in your search results.
Otherwise, you may also use one of the many reverse phone lookup directory services online. Some of these services are free while others are paid services. And as in most services, the paid ones usually offer better results. The basic downside of availing of any of the free services in tracking a phone number is their limited directory, so don't be surprised if after entering your query, they return to you empty-handed. And when they do come up with results, they can be inaccurate at times.
Using paid services to track a phone number, therefore, is a much better option. For a one time lookup average charge of $15.00, you may request for information regarding a phone number. Usually, the result includes the name of the person that the number registered to, the type of phone system (land-based or mobile), the address of the owner and map showing the exact location of that address. If you get a lot of mystery calls and text messages, it may be wiser to pay the annual fee of about $40.00 which provides you with unlimited number of queries for a full year. Paid reverse phone lookup services also have more comprehensive directories at their disposal, raising the chances of identifying owners of anonymous phone callers higher.
Keep in mind though that while post-paid land-based and mobile phone systems require the owners to register, therefore having the most likelihood that they will show up in directories, pre-paid mobile phones and SIMs (subscriber identity module) can easily be purchased - and discarded, so while some paid service providers can still give you the general location of where the call was made from, tracking a phone number using such devices will most likely be harder.